Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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The S65 Premium lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with a second battery to clean the whole house in one go. When the first battery runs out, simply plug it into the docking station, swap it out and keep on cleaning. Use as a handheld vacuum or as a stick vac! Easily clean the sofa, car, area rug, hardwood floor and carpet with one tool. Its compact size and multifunctionality make this rechargeable vacuum great for any size home. The included pet turbo brush cleans furniture, stairs and car upholstery to remove fur. When the canister is full, just simply press a button to release the mess.

The S65P comes with a ton of tools and accessories, including a metal wand, LED carpet/bare floor nozzle, storage wall mount, crevice/dusting combo tool, two batteries, storage/dual charging station, wall mount, pet turbo brush, upholstery tool, bare floor soft nozzle and angle adapter.



Original price was: $599.99.Current price is: $499.99.

Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Soft start
    The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner starts softly before ramping up to its full power. This limits wear and tear on the system, keeping your vacuum in great shape for longer and conserving the battery.
  • Molded handle grip
    Push, pull or carry the Simplicity S65P with ease. The molded handle perfectly fits the human hand, making vacuuming a comfortable experience.
  • LED headlight
    Shine a light on those dark crevices to make sure you haven’t missed any dirt. The LED headlight shines out ahead of the vacuum’s path so you don’t miss anything you wanted to suck up, or accidentally clog the vacuum with something you didn’t mean to run over.
  • Detachable battery
    The battery can be swiftly detached from the vacuum for easy charging and storage. The Simplicity S65P comes with accessory storage and a stand so the different pieces won’t end up scattered around your home but instead can all dock in one convenient location.
  • Swivel nozzle
    The Simplicity S65P maneuvers easily around tight spaces and narrow areas. The nozzle swivels effortlessly to make cleaning around furniture and cramped spaces a breeze. Avoid sliding around heavy furniture just to get a deep clean in those crevices, the swivel nozzle lets you clean around any room layout.


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