This portable vacuum is well-suited for cleaning up pet hair, since it comes with a turbo pet brush that allows you to easily clean pet hair from couches, chairs, and more. The stick vacuum also comes with a metal wand, LED carpet/bare floor nozzle, upholstery tool, and crevice/dusting combo tool, in addition to the storage/charging station and battery. This machine is bagless and cordless, and comes with two speeds. It starts off on low speed and gradually ramps up to a high speed to enable you to clean carpeted areas.

This Simplicity vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA media filter and 21.6 volt battery, and is extremely lightweight at 5.5 pounds. To assemble this vacuum, connect the male end of the metal wand to the vacuum, and connect the female end of the metal wand to either the floor nozzle or the tools (depending on your desired use). Place the other tools on the storage/charging station and push the battery into the battery compartment  until it clicks into place. The vacuum cleaner is now ready to use.

To remove the battery, press the two release buttons and pull the battery pack out of the vacuum. To charge the battery, set the vacuum onto the storage/charging station, ensuring the connection between points on the vacuum with the storage/charging station. Plug the battery charger into the storage/charging station and into the electrical outlet. The indicator light on the battery will be red while it’s charging. When the light is blue, the battery is fully charged. Charging time is approximately 4-5 hours. When the battery is charged, remove the battery charger from the vacuum and begin vacuuming.

Accessories Included:
Metal Wand
LED Carpet/Bare Floor Nozzle
Pet Turbo Brush
Upholstery Tool
Crevice/Dusting Combo Tool
Storage/Charging Station

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