SEBO’s Automatic X7 Premium Upright Vacuums are equipped with the most advanced electronic technology for easier, more effective home and office cleaning. They also include SEBO’s award-winning filtration and sealed systems, ideal for keeping your space allergen-free.

The Automatic X7 Premium is available in your choice of graphite or white.

Effective Cleaning Technology

Whether you have kids and pets, or a busy office, you don’t have time to worry about your vacuum cleaner. The SEBO Automatic X7 Premium is an upright vacuum that’s easy to operate and combines several electronic technologies that make it worry-free.

  • Two Brush Agitation Modes: One of the premium features is the ability to activate greater resistance for the spinning brushroll by simply pressing a button. This causes more aggressive and deeper brush action for immediate deeper cleaning.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment: Electronic sensors trigger automatic height adjustment up and down when you move from bare floors to low-pile or deep-pile carpeting. An indicator light flashes when the powerhead is adjusting.
  • Stationary Use: When the X7 Premium is in an upright position and the instant-use wand is in use, the powerhead adjusts upward to the height necessary to disengage the spinning brushroll from the floor. A warning light flashes if the brush remains in contact with carpet fibers to avoid potential carpet-marking.
  • Sealing Strip: Located behind the brushroll, this focuses airflow directly on the floor, eliminating flying dust and debris behind the vacuum. Especially functional for bare floor vacuuming.

Hospital-Grade Filtration

Keep allergens, including pollen, fine dust, pet dander, and more, at bay with SEBO’s S-class, hospital grade filtration and tightly sealed system. Tested under operating, not laboratory, conditions, SEBO vacuums keep everything they collect, including allergens, inside the unit. Sealed bags ensure nothing escapes when changing them.

  • Layered Bag: Constructed of multiple filtration layers, this top-fill bag holds 1.4 gallons of dirt, fine dust, and debris.
  • Microfiltration: Capturing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, the S-class micro-filter takes care of annoying allergens.
  • Exhaust Filter: This final level of filtration ensures only super-clean air is released into your home.

Years of Reliable Use

SEBO vacuums are designed and constructed in Germany using commercial-grade, high-quality products and technology. The motor and all interior components are made with aluminum and metal parts, steel axles and bearings and are powered by high-end quality motors for reliability and long life.

  • 7-Year Warranty: SEBO is so confident in this vacuum that they offer a free (no shipping at all) 7-year warranty on the motor plus 5-year warranty on non-wear parts.
  • Lifetime Belt: Constructed to last the life of the vacuum, the toothed, heavy-duty belt comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Auto Shut-Off: An automatic shutoff protects the motor and belts by shutting down the machine when obstructions to the brush roller occur. Release the offending item with a single, easy tug.
  • Unique Clog Door: Should any clog occur, simply open the clog removal door located on the bottom of the unit and clean it away.
  • No Tools Necessary: The brush roller can be cleaned or changed quickly and without needing any tools.
  • Brush Replacement: You may have never owned a vacuum long enough to do this, but the X7 Premium vacuum has an indicator light on the power head notifying users when it’s time to replace the brush roller.

The exterior housing is made from thick, ASB plastic with scuff-resistant finishes so they not only perform well, but look good for life.

Additional Features

  • LED Headlight: Illuminates your cleaning path in low-light conditions.
  • Carrying Handle: Transport the vacuum up and down stairs easily with the durable handle on the backside of the unit.
  • Cord Storage: The 40-foot cord can be quickly wound for storage under the carrying handle.
  • Floor Protection: Rubber-coated wheels protect flooring and furniture from scratches and damage
  • Foot Pedal Stress Release: The quick-release foot pedal maximizes durability by relieving excessive stress or force on the handle and housing when it’s locked upright.

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