SEBO Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Powder – 5 Pack

Are stains and other potentially damaging spills ingrained into your rugs, carpets or upholstery? If so, the SEBO Duo-P cleaning system can provide you with professional grade quality from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The Duo-P cleaning system is a unique, dry carpet shampoo method offered by SEBO that is focused around the quality of the carpet cleaning powder they manufacture. The SEBO Duo-P carpet cleaning powder is made up of polyurethane granules that have been soaked and treated in eco-friendly cleaning solution. As a result, the powder acts as a sponge by lifting up stains and absorbing the problem. Once placed on the stain and scrubbed in using one of the convenient SEBO brush machines or hand brushes, it is suggested that you wait 30-60 minutes for the powder to dry. Upon drying, simply fire up your SEBO vacuum and pick up the remaining granules to reveal a stain-free carpet! In addition to high quality use on carpets, this powder is equally as effective for upholstery cleaning.

This package deal of the Duo-P cleaning powder includes five packages that each weigh 1.1 pounds. Each package is capable of cleaning up to 250 square feet of carpet and renders your home looking brand new! Due to the effectivness of this carpet cleaning powder, an entire package is rarely used for one treatment. It is recommended that partially used packages of the powder are tightly sealed in order to maintain the moisture and freshness of the product.



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SEBO Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Powder – 5 Pack

About this item

  • Stop dirt in its tracks
  • Comes with a spot brush
  • It is easy to use and fast and effective
  • Alleviates house dust allergies
  • The carpet cleaner that removes virtually any kind of stain


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