Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash

Wood Wash is a special cleaning agent formulated for all finished wood floors including Swedish finish floors. Contains selected surfactants for the controlled removal of damaging spills and general cleanup of dust, dirt and grime which dull the finish. These are soils left behind by inferior cleaning solutions such as vinegar and water. Do your own side-by-side cleaning test comparing Wood Wash with vinegar and water you’ll be impressed with the results.

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Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash

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    Old Time Wood Wash is an innovative, low PH solution designed for effective cleaning for both hardwood and hardsurface laminate floors.  Regular use will preserve the natural beauty of wood floors & not leave any dulling film.

    Dilute with water into a spray bottle to make an economical ready-to-use spray and wipe cleaner for daily cleaning and emergency cleanup, or use more concentrated for for deep cleaning and stain removal.


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