Botslab OneClean T6 Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum

The Botslab OneClean T6 Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum is a cordless vacuum and spray-mop. Vacuum debris, mop dirt and wash your floors all at once!

Goodbye dirty mops and corded vacuums, and hello convenience! Dust bunnies, crumbs, and dirt are no match for the Botslab OneClean T6: this Wet/Dry cordless vacuum can mop, vacuum, and wash all in one.

The Botslab comes with an ergonomic upright design, giving you the ability to effortlessly maneuver around the house. Its high-power battery allows you to clean non-stop for 35 minutes and can clean up to 200 square meters for unbeatable efficiency.

The Botslab OneClean T6 uses a 3-in-1 vacuum, mop and wash—saving you time and money. All at once, you can vacuum, mop, and wash a variety of different floors, such as carpet, rugs, hard surfaces, and more. You can choose between two different suction modes: Eco for a gentle clean and to reserve water, and Max  to power through the messiest of messes.

Take advantage of Wet-Dry cleaning mode to tackle wet and dry messes at once. After vacuuming, switch to the wet cleaning mode to simultaneously release water and mop. Its smart sensor adjusts its water flow and suction power according to floor type and the intensity of messes for ultimate efficiency.

This Wet Dry cordless vacuum features a double tank system: a 750 ml detachable clean water tank, and a 450ml detachable dirty water tank, reducing the need to frequently swap out water. Anti-leak technology prevents leakage during cleaning, conserving water from within. Monitor water and battery levels with its convenient display.

The Botslab OneClean T6 uses a quick-drying polymer roller brush to lure in debris and dirt to effectively clean both hardwood floors and carpets. With the press of a button, the roller brush will clean itself. No need to deal with smelly roller brushes ever again

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $229.99.

Botslab OneClean T6 Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum

  • Double Tank System – Stores Dirty Water separately
  • Cutting Edge Roller: Polymer brush and fiber bristle brushes
  • Display to monitor water tank and battery level
  • Self-cleaning at a push of a button
  • Battery: Li-on
  • Working Time: 35 min
  • Charging Duration: ≤4 hours
  • Noise: ≤ 75 dB
  • 1 Year Warranty


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