Thanks to their unparalleled allergen and pollutant filtration capabilities, Austin Air’s Healthmate air purifiers have garnered recommendations from physicians and respiratory specialists across the globe. Hospital-grade HEPA filtration and an outer carbon zeolite filter combine to form a 360º progressive filtration system that draws air in from all directions.

The Austin Air Healthmate HM400 removes 99.97% of micro-organisms, chemicals, gases, odors, allergens, and airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns in size from your indoor air. It is recommended for spaces around 313 square feet in size. In a space this size, the HM400 will provide six complete air changes in one hour. Fresh air is exhausted only through the HM400’s top side vent, so you can rest assured that its air intake and clean emissions will not cross paths.


Product Specs

HEPA:  Yes
Ionization:  Yes
Ozone:  No Ozone Emissions
Disposable/Washable Filter  Disposable
CFM:  400
Average Filter Life:  5 Years
Particulate Size:  0.1 Micron
Dimensions:  23″H x 14.5″W x 14.5″D
Weight:  45 lbs.
Square Feet:  1500 sqft
Housing:  Perforated  steel
Filter Change Indictor:  No
Power Consumption:  115 watts

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