We understand it’s easy to walk into any big name brand store and just pick a vacuum up off the shelf and bring it home.  Sometimes we forget the problem with that.  Does that vacuum best suit your needs?  Is it too heavy for you to be lugging up and down the steps?  Do you know how to maintain that vacuum?  These are questions that we get asked everyday!  Questions that are important to know the correct answer to.  Even more importantly if that vacuum breaks down or isn’t running as efficient as it once was, can that name brand store service your vacuum?  Can they do it the same day sometimes?  While you wait?  Here at Banks’ Vacuum that’s who we are and what we do.  So when you’re thinking of your next vacuum purchase stop by and allow us to help get the right vacuum for you!  Visit us online at banksvacuumpa.com or call at 570-629-4065