Monthly Archives: August 2016

Why service your vacuum?

Just like a car your vacuum also is a machine with moving parts.  Not near as many, but that doesn’t exempt it from needing to be serviced. When problems arise, that’s what we’re here for, so call us today.

Poconos residents, time to prepare those fireplaces

Sure it’s hot now, but before we know it we will be wishing it was warm again.  Soon enough that cool crisp Autumn air will be trickling in and it will be time to fire up those stoves.  If you have a fireplace / pellet stove the Bad Ash 2 is the way to go.  Visit us today for more about this product and how to get yours visit our website:


The summer carpet blues

Does a combination of the summer and kids being home have your carpet looking a little messy?  Rent or buy, we’ve got a carpet cleaner for you!  Give us a call today.