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Halloween is next week. Has your sewing machine started to putter out from all of the hard work on those hand-made costumes? Don’t fret! Bring it on down to Banks’ Vacuum where we can do a tune up on most makes and models of sewing machines, starting at $29.99, often times while you wait. Don’t get stressed out about an unfinished costume! Come on down to Banks’ Vacuum! For more information on all of our products and services, visit us online at


Halloween is now just three short weeks away! Are you looking to create that one-of-a-kind costume that everyone will notice, but your sewing machine just isn’t up to the task? Don’t worry! You may not need a brand new machine. Your machine just may be in need of servicing. At Banks’ Vacuum, we offer sewing machine tune-ups on most makes and models starting at just $29.99. If you decide not to have your machine repaired, consider using it as a trade-in on a new one. Don’t let a broken or inefficient sewing machine scare you out of making that one-of-a-kind costume this year! Come to Bank’s Vacuum and we’ll get you back up and running in no time! For more information, visit us online at

Dust and Other Allergens

If your vacuum isn’t running efficiently, you might be leaving behind dust and other allergens. Or worse, you might be lifting them into the air you breathe! Let the experts at Banks’ Vacuum help you improve your health and the performance of your vacuum with our tune-up and repair services, many of which can be done while you wait! Are you looking for a new model? If so, you can browse some of our available options by visiting us online or stop in today to see everything we have to offer. No matter what your vacuum needs, we’re here to help!