Monthly Archives: September 2015

Allergy Season

Round two for the year and yet another allergy season is upon us. Your pet’s dander, as well as other dust allergens, can add to the misery. Don’t let your vacuum’s poor filtering system kick up more dust and allergens instead of sucking them away! Find some relief this season and have your current vacuum serviced for maximum performance, or purchase a new vacuum that will help minimize dust, pet dander, and other allergens being blown around your home while you clean. Visit us for more details on our vacuum products and services.

Sewing Machine Tune-Up/Repair

Have you started working on those adorable, custom Halloween costume creations, only to find that your sewing machine isn’t quite up to the task? Bring your sewing machine to us here at Banks’ Vacuum where we can tune up and/or repair most makes and models of sewing machines right on site, often times while you wait. For more information on this and other services, and to view hours and directions, visit us online at

Deals On Vacuums

Are you searching for deals on a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner repairs? Banks’ Vacuum is the go-to place for vacuums, vacuum repairs, and vacuum accessories and in the Pocono area. Don’t throw away a perfectly good vacuum or look all over for a warranty! Most repairs can be done shortly in-store while you wait. We also have a variety of vacuum cleaner parts to get you back in business! Check us out today by visiting us