Monthly Archives: August 2015

Heat Surge Mini Glo Heater

Fall and cooler weather are just around the corner. Are you looking to heat rooms without raising those heating costs? Would you like to heat a room at minimal cost and create a little ambiance simultaneously, creative a warm and inviting environment? Visit us to check out our Heat Surge Mini Glo heater for only $169.99!

Dyson Canisters Are $100 Off

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, there’s still a chance to take advantage of our current sale, where Dyson canisters are $100 off the original price and where you can save up to $162.50 on select uprights! At Banks’ Vacuum, we love to save you money on some of the best products that we carry! For more information on this and other current specials, visit us

Halloween is Two Months Away

Believe it or not, Halloween is just over two months away!  Are you a seamstress that enjoys making custom creations for Halloween? Is your sewing machine ready to make those one-of-a-kind costumes? We offer tune ups to most sewing machines, starting at $29.99. Visit us at to view & print this and other coupons.

Clean Out Your Firepace

Summer vacations are winding down and the cooler fall weather will soon be here. Have you put off cleaning out your fireplace and/or coal stove since their uses last winter? Now is a great time to get them cleaned out and prepped to be ready to go for the next season. To help with the chore, come in and take a look at our Bad Ash 2 Vacuum, priced at $159.99. It’s designed to handle the toughest fireplace, fire pit, and pellet stove clean ups. For more information, visit us