Monthly Archives: May 2015

Best Quality and Money Savings!

At Banks’ Vacuum, we not only strive to give you the best quality in our products and services, but we love to save you money as well! We are always offering various coupons on our website to save you money on a tune up, vacuum accessories, and the purchase of new vacuums. Visit us online at to view and print all of our coupons and see how we can save you money today!

New Vacuum

Are you in need of a new vacuum? Then come in to Bank’s Vacuum where we are currently offering 10% Off Any Vacuum purchase over $99 or $30 Off Any Vacuum purchase over $300. Offers are excluded on sale items. For more information on our current specials and to view all of the products that we offer, visit us online today at

Low Performance Vacuum

Is your vacuum starting to perform less than stellar these days? Do you find that it kicks up more dust than is collects? Don’t run out and purchase a new vacuum just yet! Bring it into Banks’ Vacuum and let us take a look at it for you. For a fraction of the cost, most vacuums can be repaired and start working as good as new again. Most repairs can be completed within 24 hrs. and some minor repairs can be done while you wait. For more information, visit us online at