Monthly Archives: January 2015

Winter Has Arrived

Winter has definitely arrived in the Pocono Mountains! Don’t go cold this winter. Come in a view our selection of Heat Surge heaters and get heat and ambiance all in one. Heat the room(s) you want heated, not the rooms vacant in your house and have a peaceful view at the same time. Save fuel and save money! Visit us at to view our entire selection of Heat Surge heaters and other products.

Our Oreck Sale

It a new year. Are you looking for a new vacuum to better satisfy your home or business cleaning needs? Check out our Oreck sale, with models starting at $150! You don’t have to go broke to get a new vacuum. Take advantage of our sale today! Visit us at to check out this and other specials.

Clean Home

You work hard to keep your home clean… make sure you get the most out of your vacuum! At Banks’ vacuum we provide quick repairs and carry an assortment of essential vacuum parts for in-store repairs. Find discount offers and new products available at

New Year

The new year is here. Do you have tons of project ideas that you’d love to get started, but your sewing machine may not be up for the challenge? Don’t be afraid to start a project because you anticipate your machine won’t work! If you keep experiencing problems with your sewing machine, Banks’ Vacuum can help! We can perform a standard tune-up to increase efficiency, replace a broken or missing part, or help diagnose the root of your problem. Visit us at!