Monthly Archives: October 2014

Space Heater

As the cold weather starts to move into the Poconos, why not save on your heating bill this winter and invest in a space heater? These small, efficient, functional, and even decorative units can provide you with the heat you need without the high heating bill that you don’t need. To get more information on our Dyson and Heat Surge space heaters, visit us at

Sewing Machine Tune Ups

You’re putting the last minute touches on your handmade, vintage Halloween costume, and what happens? Your machine starts to act up! Don’t worry! You may not need a brand new machine. Instead, bring your sewing machine in for a tune up. We offer tune ups to most sewing machines, starting at $29.99. Visit us at to view & print this, and other coupons.

The Lastest and Best Vacuum Selection

Are you looking for a great deal on a new vacuum, from a business with in-store repair services? Come to Banks’ Vacuum for the latest and best in vacuum selection! We want to find the right vacuum to fit your needs, without costing you extra! Banks’ Vacuum is your one-stop shop for all vacuum and vacuum cleaner accessories, conveniently located in Bartonsville, PA! Visit us at to view our services and to print coupons for current offers.