Monthly Archives: July 2014

Year Round Allergies

Do you have allergies year round? With the air conditioning on and the windows closed up, dust and pet dander wreak havoc on our allergies and kill the air quality of our homes. Check out our Oreck Air Purifier for just $249.99 and breathe easier. Visit us at for hours & directions.

Don’t Toss Your Old Vacuum

Don’t toss your old vacuum just because it isn’t working properly and suffer the expense of buying a new one! Bring it to Banks’ Vacuum where most repairs are done within 24 hours with some minor repairs done while you wait. All of our repairs come with a limited 6 month warranty. Or get a tune-up starting at just $29.99 (must print coupon off website and bring it to the store). For hours and directions, visit us at

Banks’ Vacuum Can Help!

Don’t be afraid to start a project because you anticipate your machine won’t work! If you keep experiencing problems with your sewing machine, Banks’ Vacuum can help! We can perform a standard tune-up to increase efficiency, replace a broken or missing part, or help diagnose the root of your problem. Come to Banks’ Vacuum today or visit us at!

Don’t be upset that allergy season is here! If you still want to open your windows for fresh air this year be prepared! Get a vacuum from Banks’ Vacuum with a HEPA filter built-in to collect all those nasty allergens like pollen and mold! Visit us today at to view our full list of products that will help you keep your home clean and breathe easier!