Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dust and Allergies

If your vacuum isn’t running efficiently, you might be leaving behind dust and other allergens. Or worse, you might be lifting them into the air you breathe! Let the experts at Banks’ Vacuum help you improve your health and the performance of your vacuum with our tune-up and repair services! Looking for a new model? Browse some of our available options our online store at or stop in today to see everything we have to offer. No matter what your vacuum needs, we’re here to help!

Allergy Season

This seems to be the allergy season that just won’t quit! Allergy sufferers are suffering big time this spring / summer! Let us help ease some of your pain by coming in and checking out our Oreck Air Purifier, now just $249.99! Why should you be cooped up in your home and still suffering? Let the Oreck Air Purifier help remove mold, dust, pet dander, and other allergens from your home. Visit us at for more information on this and other items that can help you breathe easier at home.

Need a Vacuum?

Are you desperately in need of a vacuum for your home or business? Don’t run to the nearest retailer and play a guessing game! Stop by Banks’ Vacuum and and get the best advice and recommendations from someone that literally knows vacuums inside and out! Don’t just like your next vacuum… LOVE IT!  Heck… you may even find yourself cleaning more! Visit us today at


Allergy sufferers are really having a hard time this spring. Pollen and mold counts are at an all-time high. People are spending more time in their homes then in the beautiful outdoors on nice days to avoid further suffering. But as they stay inside, they’re suffering in silence as pollen works its way into your home, through the windows or on your clothes. We’re still offering the Oreck Air Purifier for just $249.99. Why suffer this spring when you can breathe easier? Visit us at to check out all of our products, specials, and to view our hours of operation & directions.