Monthly Archives: February 2014

Spring is on the Way

We might have another storm or two on the way, but Spring is on it’s way (No… really… it is!)!  It will soon be that time of year where flowers bloom, trees bud, pollen fills the air, and your seasonal allergies kick into high gear.  Check out our Oreck Air Purifier for just $249.99 and breathe easier. Visit us at to check out all of our products, specials, and to view our hours of operation & directions.

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is wreaking havoc on us this year and forcing those heating bills sky high! Take advantage of our current special, $100 off The Liberty and The Victory Heaters. Heat the room(s) you want heated, not the rooms vacant in your house. Save fuel and save money! Visit us at to get more information and print your coupon.